Getting stuck into a fresh new year full of promise and new routines is exciting. The new routines are tackled with gusto, you are motivated as a kid high on sugar tackling those New Year goals. However, as the weeks quickly slip by and old routines and habits creep back in, what can we do to keep ourselves motivated and doing what we set out to do?

This week let’s cover some quick and easy motivation boosters to stop you heading in the wrong direction and devouring the next cupcake that comes your way!

Time to circle today’s date on the calendar. Why is it that we all pick January 1st as the day we begin our new routines and set our new goals? It’s absolutely NO different to any other date in the calendar. So make today a fresh start, just like January 1st. Circle the date, write out what you want to achieve and make today the day.

Feeling flat and can’t shake it, grab a coffee. Caffeine increases the effect of dopamine, giving you that energy boost. Some days that extra coffee you usually avoid might just be the ticket to getting you over the hump. Just don’t make that extra cup a regular part of your day. If you can make it an organic coffee increasing the health benefit and avoiding nasty toxins.

Give it a minute. The most difficult thing sometimes is just getting started. Tell yourself that you will give what you need to do 5 minutes, those few minutes are usually enough to get you going. If after 5 minutes your hearts not in it, then it might be time to look a little deeper as to why. Unless of course, it’s that pile of ironing, that’s something that doesn’t require deep thought, dig in and get it done. Then move on to something you love doing as a reward for getting it done.

Get help. If everything isn’t going according to plan get some help before you give up. Losing weight, getting fit, and making time to learn something new seems very easy in the beginning. But a few months in you can plateau, lose motivation, get distracted and find that life’s sucking the precious energy you need to achieve your goals. It’s time to enlist some help. Hiring a personal trainer for a few weeks to get you going is a great way to get motivated, create a plan, change things up and someone to talk to about the struggles of achieving what you want. Same with weight loss, have you ever thought about seeing a nutritionist? They can also guide you in the right direction, offer solutions suited to your needs and be someone to talk to about your journey.

We are all creatures of habit and making changes seems easy in the beginning but all too often we fall back into old habits that we want to leave behind. That’s ok. As long as we are aware of what’s happening and change course back to where we want to be once we’ve noticed. Find what’s going to motivate you and make today the day you get on track to achieving everything you desire.

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